Strange Tales 11 The Kickstarter Edition

location 36 Pritchard's Rd | May 11 2017 18:30-21:00


We absolutely love Kickstarter at LMN. Love it. Genuinely making creative dreams come true since 2009.

I've personally backed loads of projects - 80 at last look. For me the best bit is not the rewards (although they're great), but hearing about the process and development.

We're bringing together three projects for an evening of Kickstarter realness. What was your project? How did you create your campaign?? Did you deliver on time….???

Those of you itching to bring an idea to life? This ones for you!

Third and final speaker

Our very own Senior Copywriter Luke Leighfield is not only an accomplished wordsmith, marathon smasher, tattoo enthusiast, no he's ALSO a Pop Star on the down low. He'll tell us about the time he used Kickstarter for his fifth album.

Second speakers

Only the fantastic Those, who will be talking about their very recent project, Joto - a connected whiteboard that draws with a pen.

First Speaker

James Wallis - designer of table top and role playing games. He's behind two projects: Alas Vegas (The story of what happens when a project runs over) and Paranoia (The story of a project making nearly £250,000).



  • Lost My Name

    Giving every grownup creative superpowers to make magical connections with a child



36 Pritchard's Rd

36 Pritchard's Rd, London E2 9BJ, UK

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