A group ride on Sunday with fellow London tech startups and entrepreneurs

A group cycling mission this Sunday in Epping Forest meeting at Chingford Station at 11am.

Inspired by <a href="https://twitter.com/inthecompanyof" target="blank">Ben Southworth's</a> upcoming <a href="http://www.techbikers.com" target="blank">Tech Biker's</a> event, this is an opportunity to get out on the bike, start the fitness regime, let off some steam and meet fellow Tech City cyclists.

Note this is an experiment, if it gets traction maybe we can turn this into a weekly thing at various locations around London.

Suggestions on the name/hashtag?

<ul> <li>sundaycycle</li> <li>siliconcycle</li> <li>techcycle</li> <li>techcitycycle</li> <li>techcitysunday</li> <li>siliconcycleabout</li> </ul>

  • Add your name here even if you can't make this Sunday and I'll notify you of the next one.

Ping me your thoughts and suggestions at <a href="http://www.twitter.com/CavemanKlaus" target="blank">@CavemanKlaus</a>

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