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Get something written for your blog this Sunday

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A tiny project where once a week a group of us promise to write a blog post. Once a week doesn't sound that hard, but how time flies, right?

I know lots of great people that I'd love to hear thoughts from more often. Hence this project.

We've started a little thing and it would be ace if you'd join in if you want to blog a bit more, but maybe need a nudge once in a while.

Here's how it works:

  • Post ideas on our Help Me Write pages during the week (or just think something up)
  • When the weekend comes around, pick one of them (it doesn't have to be the most popular one, just one you feel like writing)
  • Spend some time on Sunday writing it up
  • If you're on a service like Medium, Poetica or Draft then ask someone else to comment, copy-check, read it through
  • Publish it, or sleep and do it later. If you don't finish it, don't worry!
  • Share on twitter with #sundaypost
  • If you're on Medium, add it to our collection
  • We all comment, share, post on other services to give each-other a bit of a leg up.

Add yourself with the "I'll attend" button and let's see how we get on!

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