Systems management reading group

location Newspeak House | 7 PM Thursday 08 August (GMT)

Systems management reading group

A reading group focusing on systems management, where an organisation or group is considered as one or more living systems and this perspective is used to assess how such a system could be structured to function at the highest level possible. This could consider multiple facets of the system, including the individuals working in the system, physical environment, virtual spaces used, tools available, media used for communication, how teams are structured and how information travels, is processed and stored (and more)!

The general intention is that by developing our ability to understand systems we’ll be better equipped to improve (or at least assess) the organisations or groups we work in or with, whether not-for-profit, corporate, or government.

We meet roughly monthly on a weekday evening to eat and discuss that month’s book, including its ideas and any practical applications (the day of the week varies). There is no set reading list - the next book is generally chosen at the meeting.

Past books include Thinking in Systems (Meadows) and Doing the Impossible (Slotkin).


Newspeak House

133 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG, UK

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