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We’ve hosted the #BUILTBYGIRLS Hashtag series in New York, Chicago, and L.A., and now we’re bringing this series to a new city (hint: think the tech capital of America + Full House). That’s right, we’re going to hold our first-ever Hashtag in San Francisco! This event series offers an inside look at how the hottest tech companies create the powerful products we love. We’ve discussed everything from the Tech of Digital Storytelling @ Snapchat to the Tech of Cognitive Computing @ IBM Watson, and now it’s time to add some tweeting into the mix.

This month we’re going to explore how technology drives one of our favorite social media platforms and connects users all over the world. From helping us follow global trends, create innovative hashtags, and watch news live, this platform has it all.

For that reason (and because the company’s conference rooms are all named after different kinds of birds), this month’s Hashtag will be at Twitter. Time to see just how things end up trending in the Twittersphere, y’all.


-Office tour

-Panel: Tech of Social Networks

-Tech deep dive


-Pizza & networking (duh)

WAIT LIST: If you’re not able to get a spot, please email to be put on the waitlist.


We ( are a social impact brand at AOL that's creating the next wave of tech leaders. We visit cool tech companies, prep you for your internships, and connect you with boss advisors who help you get ahead of the game. We're building a club for the next generation of leaders in technology – a club that embeds young women in tech from the earliest ages. Because there is more work to be done.

Can’t wait! See you there.


1355 Market St

1355 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

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