TechPlan - Startup Land getting together to lobby for the best Brexit outcome

Brexit is happening.

Let's shape this change, rather than have change happen to us.

DATE, VENUE, AGENDA and MEASURABLE AIMS will be set as people sign up and have a change to input their thoughts. By the way, that means you!

The first informal gathering to see whether we as London-based entrepreneurs can get together and set the agenda.

Personally, I want the UK to be THE destination for the world's best technical and creative talent.

Right now we invite intelligent people to study at our universities and then tell them to find Tier 2 sponsorship or bugger off.

So my 2p is to come up with policy that we can lobby government to enact so that immigration works for small and medium sized businesses, rather than against.

What would help your start-up?

Turn up, stand up, and together we'll be heard.

A date and venue will be set as we gather interest.

People currently signed up have filled in responses to some questions to help with planning. Please do also contribute here, alongside signing up on Attending:

Rayhan Rafiq-Omar Founder of The Unmortgage or 077 95 27 35 52

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