Ten Mile Classic

location 35 Hillcrest Ln | 6 PM Friday 12 June — 2 PM Sunday 14 June 2015 (EST)

A day full of outdoor games and feats of strength, followed by an evening of forest dancing and general merriment. The property is very rustic–no bathroom or running water–but there is electricity, so think of it as an escape to the woods where you can charge your iPhone, but you still have to pee in a bush.

Activities: Camping, swimming, bocce, badminton, hammock-lying, tubing, hiking, waddies, BBQing, dancing…

Transportation: The Ten Mile Cabin is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from NYC. It is also easily accessible by Metro-North (the train station is 2 miles away). We will be providing a shuttle from the train station to the property on Friday morning and evening and then again on Saturday morning.

What's provided? We're asking everyone to chip in $50 to help pay for the overhead, as we plan on making this a mostly full-service fiesta. We'll be providing food, beer, shuttle from the train station, port-o-potties, games, fireworks and, possibly, a wedding tent for the dancing.

What should you bring? Daytrippers should bring a towel, bathing suit and a competitive spirit. Campers should also bring their tent, sleeping bag, flashlight and some warm clothes for the evening.


35 Hillcrest Ln

35 Hillcrest Ln, Wingdale, NY 12594, USA

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