The Byronics Inaugural Drinks

location Ramusake | 7 PM Wednesday 18 November (GMT)

The Byronics: an alumni group for gay and bisexual OHs

Please join us for drinks on 18 November to launch The Byronics: an alumni group for gay and bisexual Old Harrovians, and straight OH allies. Henry Conway will kindly be hosting us at South Ken's Ramasuke restaurant and club.

A school with such a rich gay history (Byron, Rattigan, and Beaton spring immediately to mind) should have an occasion for its gay and bisexual alumni to get together: somewhere to make new friends and catch up with old ones, build a network, host talks, and maybe even meet some handsome and eligible OHs. That's what The Byronics' events will be.

We're naming the group after Harrow's most famous bisexual son, whose writing is full of reflections on the "maddening fascination" of same sex attraction.

Please join us for drinks and a low key launch on 18 November. It'll be fun! And please do invite other gay and bisexual OHs you know of. If you can't make it but would like to register your interest for future events, get in touch at <>

All best wishes,

Rory Smith

The Park 2002<sup>3</sup>

PS This is a private event with a hidden guestlist


  • Rory Smith

    Working on the digital transformation of HM Government / Interested in all things #CollCons / Insatiably curious / Opinions are my own

  • Henry Conway

    Fashion writer & nightowl. Somewhat broken skier on the mend...



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