Can't see the wood for the lees?

Unwooded Chardonnays are so in right now. But then so is One Direction…so popular opinion is hardly a fool-proof appeal to authority. We felt it was time to settle the old "Wooded vs unwooded chardonnay" debate the old-fashioned way: A blind tasting of epic proportions. 15 People. 15 Wines.
In true Vivino spirit, each attendee gets to have their say by bringing their favourite Chardonnay to be tossed into the fray. All you need to do is pick your side (sport wood, or go au naturel) and let your wine do the talking (although you are also allowed to talk, if you want to). This time, there is no price limit on the joy you can share. The better the wine, the more convincing your argument for - or against - a few splinters in your decanter. IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. We are currently trying to ensure a big screen so that we can watch the RWC semi-final in the roastery (from 17:00) before the tasting begins. Either we will be celebrating with some fine wines, or drowning our sorrows. 2. If you would like to bring a friend, please make sure they RSVP through this event page to guarantee a spot. We only have room for 15 people. 3. Please try to let me know a week in advance which wine you will be bringing, so that we can as far as possible avoid duplicates.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th October.


Rosetta Roastery

66 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa

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