The Health Club is launching!

location Toronto | Friday March 27th 7pm

Let's get this party started!

When life hands you lemons, you throw a launch party. You hustle. You make things happen. You enjoy a drink with friends.

What? A re-launch party for my clinic The Health Club.

When? March 27th 7pm

Where? Toronto. Location to be determined.


Although I have set up and already launched my site for The Health Club, I realized recently that something is holding me back from securing more clients, and growing the business. I cannot pinpoint it but I know that I am ready to hustle on this project like never before. I have big goals and I need a little push from my supporters (you!) to move in the right direction.

I am passionate about living a full life, and helping children, youth, and adults alike manage their health, and weight, so as to be active participants in their lives. Too many people watch life pass from the sidelines. My experience in the pediatric obesity and health promotion realms has taught me so much and I want to share my knowledge and passion with others. Namely, there exists a huge gap in the healthcare marketplace for wellness care in obesity management, especially for the pediatric population who might not qualify for specialized, hospital-based programs.

Come out for a fun night and support me as I re-launch this clinic, and create something truly wonderful. Maybe in doing so I will inspire you to go after your dreams too.

If not now, then when? It's time.

See you there! xo

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