The London Article Club

location 77 Shelton Street WC2H 9JQ | 3 PM Sunday 01 March (GMT)

Like a non-fiction book club but for disorganised people

<b>What is an article club?</b> <p>This will be the first one, so I'm not quite sure yet. The idea is this: we show up, read an interesting article, then talk about it. I'll choose the article for the first meeting, but for the ones after that we can collect suggestions and put it to a vote. There's no need to read anything beforehand, but if you want to you can, I'll let everyone know what article we'll be reading at least a few days before the meeting.</p>

<b>Why are we doing this?</b> <p>I like reading articles, sure, but ultimately this is about having meaningful conversations about interesting topics. You can learn a lot by reading an intelligent article, and a lot more by debating it with people who can bring different perspectives on the matter. So on top of debating the article of the day, we're also going to talk a little bit about how to improve the way we communicate in order to elevate our level of debate and learn more in the process.</p>

<b>And how exactly are we going to do that?</b> <p>I have no idea. First one, remember? My plan is to take a little time before each meeting to talk about a concept of rhetoric or logic, maybe a logical fallacy or a good intuition pump, but I'm sure whatever it is it'll evolve as we go. For now, all I need is like-minded people who share an interest in articles and healthy debate and are too disorganised to join a proper book club.</p>

<b>What<;s the article we<;ll be talking about?</b> <p>We'll be reading <a href="">"Stop trying to save the world"</a>, by Michael Hobbes. Please make sure you read the article before the meeting, it's only a 25min read.</p>

<p>If you haven't already, please <a href="">subscribe to the mailing list</a></p>

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