The {undefined} tech meetup

location Campus North | 7 PM Tuesday 30 August (GMT)

A free meetup with talks from a broad range of tech-enthusiasts

Hi, we're a free meetup covering anything and everything in the world of tech. We aim to scrounge up interesting talks that are 10 - 30 minutes in length and share them with you all. At Each meetup we'll try and cover a broad range of talk so hopefully there will be something to capture everyone's attention.

Afterwards we'll decamp to the pub around the corner (not the dodgy one, the other one, the Ware rooms). Even if you can't make it to the event we'd love to see you in the pub.


Simon O'Connor On-demand 3D printed merchandise from virtual content

Ryan Tomlinson Hobknob: The simple, distributed feature toggle framework

Steve Higgs Creating realtime javascript sites when you've got no time


Like all events we live or die by our speakers. We really want you to show the techy things you love to everyone else. So, if you want to share:

  • the fantastic software you made.
  • why the new language you learned is awesome.
  • the huge architecture you evolved.
  • the frankly quite worrying hardware you put together.
  • the unnerving failure that happened.
  • how you use drones for farming ( I talked to a guy at random on the train that did this and it was amazing ).
  • your iot xmas jumper.
  • your new app (it's like uber but for freshwater fish!).
  • anything else even vaguely to do with tech.

Let us know at or @undefinedmeetup


Campus North

5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1, UK

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