Indy Hall Scotch Night

location Indy Hall | 6 PM-10 PM Friday 02 March 2018 (EST)

The Return of Scotch Night

Many years ago, when Indy Hall, was young, there was a special event called Scotch Night. This unique celebration, of all things Scotch whiskey, was a well anticipated, annual event, for many of our members. It is about time this event has been renewed! So, today I would like to announce the return of Scotch Night!

I am proposing that Scotch Night 2018, take place on Friday, March 2, 2018. The theme for this particular night will be Entry Level Scotches. Since we have not done this in a while it makes sense to get back to the beginning. The scotches purchased for the event will be selected from all the regions of Scotland and include a wide range of taste profiles.

In the past, we have asked that the participants donate or contribute to the scotches we will be sampling. I took the liberty and compiled a list of some well priced, entry level scotches for us to try. Some of them can be found in local liquor stores but you can also find a good amount of them on We have ordered from the site in the past, and they have been one of the best in terms of price and delivery. You do not have to purchase from this list, and if you have a scotch you would like to try and share with others, by all means feel free to add your own.

Here is the list I have compiled:

If you would like to participate here is how—Check the list, choose a scotch you would like to purchase and then RSVP to this invite with the name of that bottle. I will mark it in the sheet with your name(s) and ask that you send the purchase amount to my Venmo or my Square Cash accounts. I will handle the ordering and shipping to the Hall to keep it even easier. If do not want to purchase a whole bottle but would rather contribute to a bottle, please let me know how much you are willing to donate and we will pair you up with some others to get a bottle.

If funds for your bottle are not received within three days of the RSVP your request for a bottle will be void and someone else will be allowed to purchase. We will need a couple of bottles of each so there should not be any issues if more than one person wants to purchase the same bottle.

All orders must be placed by Feb. 20 to be sure we get a nice array in time for the event. If you have not put in an order by then, you may have to try and hunt down a scotch in a local liquor store.

I did put a couple of rare and expensive scotches at the bottom of the list. These are great for an event like this and a good opportunity for a group to go in on a bottle that they normally would not get for themselves. I personally will contribute additional dollars to get the Glengoyne 25 Year Old.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the arrangements further, please feel free to hit me up on Slack or email me at johnny.bilotta[at]


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