TransforMMMap : Federated tempospatial data

MMM Research kindly invites you to a concentrated one day investigation of the current state of its technical endeavours. We will discuss and explore questions of

  • Data Management in federations, which includes
    • Extract-Transform-Load Strategies for arbitrary datasets,
    • Schema Transformations in a collaborative manner,
    • Ethical Hosting approaches to diversify operations and
    • Responsible Archival of small initiatives' maps that may else be lost.
  • Data Standardization + Linked Data
  • Learning from open source processes:
    • Why slowness matters.
    • How interoperability raises the network effect.

Technologies we're taking into consideration are, for example

  • CKAN + Leaflet extension
  • OSM Tasking Manager
  • d:swarm
  • uMap
  • CouchDB + GeoCouch extension

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