Transition Talks: Urban Commons

transition>>lab invites you to a "talk and drink" session around the Urban Commons theme. To feed the discussion we propose you two short inputs followed by an informal exchange:

  • A French perspective on the urban commons by Léa Eynaud, PhD Student at the EHESS Paris (15')

  • An update from the City as a Commons conference that happened in Bologna on 6-7th November, by Adrien Labaeye, transition>>lab, TransforMap, PhD Student at HU Berlin (10')

Discussion will take place in English or German according to the audience needs.

The Transition Talks are an ad hoc series of talks followed by informal discussion around the theme of a transition towards more sustainable and more collaborative cities and communities.

This takes place at the Thinkfarm Berlin | Oranienstraße 183 | 10999 Berlin | (3. Hof, Aufgang C, 3. OG) For more information please contact Adrien (adrienlabaeye[a] or on Twitter @alabaeye)

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