Trash Club - Target: 

location Meet at: 191 Main Street | 4 PM-6 PM Tuesday 30 April 2019 (EDT)

Hey guys,

Thank you all for your interest!

The Details: We will meet for drinks (or whatever!) at Earls (191 Main Street) at 4:00pm. We will head out at 5:00pm (if you are not interested in coming to Earls that is 100% cool and you can just meet us in the Earls parking lot at 5:00pm). The target areas are Fort and Garry Street (South of Broadway), and Bonnycastle park (just south of Fort and Garry). We will pick up trash for an hour (from 5:00pm until 6:00pm). If you are running late just text me at 204-232-3625 and I can let you know where we are! Please bring whoever - this is in no way an exclusive event!

I do not have the resources to collect the bags we fill and take them to the dump so for now we can just throw the bags in random dumpsters once they are full. If you would like to focus on collecting JUST recyclables or JUST non-recyclables that is cool, but if you want to lump everything together that is ALSO fine (it is ultimately still better than the trash being on the ground)! Bags and gloves will be provided (no pokey sticks - this is a low budget operation)!

Hope to see you all there.

XO, Ileana

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