A Most Noble Celebration

location Clayshire Castle | 1 PM-5 PM Saturday 27 August 2016 (EST)

Trotzke's turning 40. So we rented a castle.

The party starts with brunch at 1pm followed by a custom mystery from our friends at Mid By Midwest Murder Mysteries. Costumes encouraged and available onsite for rental.

The Great Room

Getting there: The castle is about 45 minutes from Bloomington near the feline rescue center. A limited number of seats on a party bus are available for $20. The bus will be leaving from downtown Bloomington at 12pm and leaving the castle at 5pm. If you are interested in riding in the party bus, please email <40@trotzke.com>.

Staying there: There are a few rooms available to stay the night within the castle for $200-$250/night. They each can accommodate up to 4 adults. A small group of us will be staying, drinking fancy whiskey and playing games in the dungeon after the main event. If you'd like to lay claim a room, please email <40@trotzke.com>.


Clayshire Castle

8780 E Cr 75 N, Bowling Green, IN 47833, USA

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