Two Day Empty Apartment Party!!!!

location 2122 W Irving Park Rd | 7 PM Saturday 27 July — 7 PM Sunday 28 July 2019 (SST)

Come celebrate the end times with me!

Hey folks! As most of you may have heard, I am leaving the beautiful city of Chicago, and I will miss you all dearly. Come say goodbye this weekend!

We can s̷tand around and admire all the box̵̥̉ę̸̀s scattered around my apart̴͕͑ment and talk about how you're all going to move to Portland so I won't be lonely. Afterwards we can set fire to the heap of boxes containing all my worldly possessions and load me into the trebuchet that is my chosen method of cross-country transportation.

This event is going for TwO̷͒̽̈́ DǍ̸̎aYṠ̸̿̌̎! Drop in, drop out, don't feel obligated to stick around all night if you don't want to, I just want to see everyone! We'll start at my place at 7:00 each night, and probably move to a nearby bar once standing around in an empty room gets old. If you're coming by later in the night, call me to figure out where everyone is at. Nearby, we got Dovetail, Begyle, the Northman, Half Acre, Rocks, the possibilities are endless!


2122 W Irving Park Rd

2122 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60618, USA

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