IOT Umbraco Hackathon: Alexa

location Online | 10 AM-6 PM Saturday 08 July 2017 (BST)

IOT Umbraco Hackathon: Alexa

Virtual Hackathon

At Codegarden a few of us were chatting about how we can get more experience in building IOT applications, particularly in context of Umbraco but also create some case studies so there is more visibility of what can be done with Umbraco beyond just websites.

As an excuse to catch up after CG, we will be logging on, having a chat about what we could work on then get hacking. You can work on projects individually or as a team, whatever is best for you.

The theme for the first one is Amazon Alexa Skills as they are relativley easy to get started with and there is no hardware needed so anyone can join in :) But if you have some other IOT projects you'd like to share, then please do!

You don't need to attend/ be online all day, just putting the times in as placeholders.



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