Umbraco Virtual

| 4 PM Saturday 23 February (BST)

This will be the fourth Umbraco Virtual meetup for all the wonderful Umbracians that can’t make it to local events (and those who can), or simply don’t have one near by. All are welcome.

To join the meetup, use the following link - (You'll be put into a waiting room until the meetup starts)


We have a number of discussion points and talks for this edition. Hopefully they'll inspire some great conversation and ideas.

These include - PR Team update and the latest in v8 (Umbraco HQ's very own Sebastiaan Janssen) - v8 package development (Led by the multi award winning MVP Matt Brailsford) - What to expect at CG (Multi award winning MVP Carole Logan to take this one) - Time management techniques to prevent burnout when juggling awesome side projects - Different approaches to componentising your umbraco site (Thanks to Nik for these two suggestions) - Anything else we come up with on the day 😄

If you have something you would like to talk about or share please reach out via Twitter on either @UmbracoVirtual or @MikeMasey

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