UnPub at mHUB with Cards Against Humanity + More

location mHUB | 6 PM-9 PM Thursday 23 August 2018 (CDT)

Free Games. Free Beer. Free Pizza.

Join Cards Against Humanity and ten other Chicago game designers at mHUB for a night celebrating unpublished games. Playtest in progress and unreleased games before anyone else. You'll get to share your feedback with the creators, and earn raffle tickets for each game you play. Prizes include mHUB swag, full game sets, and more! Free pizza and beer will be provided.

No experience necessary, we'll teach you how to play!

<b>Where: </b> mHUB Chicago - 965 West Chicago Avenue

<b>When: </b> Thursday, August 23rd. 6pm-9pm

<h2>Here's a list of the games we'll be playing:</h2>

<b>Cards Against Humanity</b> - The party game for horrible people.

<b>Inhuman Conditions by Tommy Maranges and Cory O'brien</b> - A game about acting like a normal human, even when you don’t feel like one.

<b>Kingdom Frog by R2i Games</b> - Lead your army of frogs to conquer swamps, collect bugs, and overthrow the frog king in this negotiation and set collection game.

<b>The Search for Planet 9 by Ben Rosset </b> - Speculation has began that a ninth planet is lurking somewhere in our outer solar system. You are an astronomer trying to deduce the location of Planet 9 in a competitive logic puzzle. Use your deductive skills to scan the solar system and be the first to find Planet 9.

<b>Earworm by VStheUNIVERSE</b> - A party game for people who love music! Players have 30 seconds to vocalize a song to their team using any sound they can muster with one rule: no words!

<b>Planisphere by Zach Barton</b> - Compete with other astronomers to define constellations and have your discoveries permanently mapped on to a star chart.

<b>Fancy Chickens by Palm Court</b> - Take part in frantic live auctions of beautiful chickens to create pageant winners for categories such as biggest bird, best plumage, and loudest crow.

<b>Wavelengths by Palm Court</b> - A social guessing game where your team has to read the mind of a teammate. One player knows exactly where the team needs to position a dial, but can only give a brief clue that’s somewhere between two binary categories like “Light - Dark” or “Overrated - Underrated.” It’s up to everyone else to guess where they think that is.

<b>Get With The Program by Jordan Nardick</b> - A deduction game about two teams of artificially intelligent robots fighting over the fate of humanity

<b>Who Took My Eggs by Kevin Reader</b> - A fast paced game of theft and deception – think Spoons meets Werewolf. Steal from your friends, then lie to their faces.


  • CardsAgainstHumanity

    A party game for horrible people.

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  • Tom Dyke

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965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

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