Upgrading Consumerism: When will buying better replace buying new? 

location EC1V 0DR | 6:30 PM-8 PM Wednesday 24 September 2014 (GMT)

We’re all aware of the damage our throwaway culture and never-ending consumption habits have on the planet, society and our wallets. Yet, despite our increasing awareness of waste mountains, depleting natural resources, and poor, often exploitative, working conditions, we continue to buy, buy, buy.

And although many of us aspire to be ‘better’ buyers, the lure of the new and a very human mix of status, addiction, indulgence and a thrill for newness ensures it’s (almost) impossible to meaningfully change our consumption habits.

As consumer’s voracious appetite for new goods shows no sign of abating or slowing, whose responsibility is it anyway? Do brands need to step up and start (or prioritize) making better, longer-lasting products? Should advertisers take a leaf from Patagonia’s book and, instead of persuading us to buy, encourage us to keep? Or does the blame lie with the consumer, who need to step up and take responsibility for their own views and values towards consumption?

During trendwatching.com's free event our panel of speakers will discuss and debate where the responsibility for consumers making better purchase decisions lies, and if buying better will ever replace buying new?

Our speakers are:

Rob Maslin, Founding Director at We All Design and focuses on how brands can addresses environmental and social challenges. (wealldesign.co.uk // @RobMaslin)

Daianna Karaian, Senior Strategist at Futerra and founder of Thoughtful, a blog about how consumers can buy better. (www.thisisthoughtful.com // @daiannatweets)

Charlie Cottrell, Editorial Director at We Are Social, will discuss if advertisers and marketers can ever successfully promote the 'don't buy' message, and if consumers will ever be ready to hear it. (@charliecottrell)



trendwatching.com London EC1V 0DR, UK

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