Umbraco Practitioners #3

location [a virtual meetup] | 6 PM-7 PM Wednesday 24 April 2019 (BST)

Do you work on Umbraco projects?

There are many people involved in the conception, creation and delivery of Umbraco projects, including digital strategists, UX designers, UI designers, marketers, content strategists, copywriters, front-end developers, back-end developers, content editors, project managers and more.

These different roles all interact, but they have different perspectives, skills, objectives and challenges. This virtual meetup is intended for all Umbraco practitioners to explore issues such as:

  • The Umbraco experience - exploring the UI/UX of the Umbraco backoffice itself; potential ideas for property editors or packages; creating an intuitive mental model and editing experience for content editors

  • Managing Umbraco projects - project planning, tools, processes, information flow, workflow; how to make Umbraco projects run smoothly

  • Designing for Umbraco projects - how to feed Umbraco context/language, content-management patterns and development considerations into content strategy, UX design, UI design or copywriting; how to plan and produce design documentation that makes the development process easier

  • Broader topics around UX research, UX design, information architecture, navigation design, content design, interaction design, accessibility, UI design, metrics and others

The focus is less on Umbraco development - there are many existing meetups and channels for developers. The purpose here is to widen the context, and to fold the collective wisdom, experience and needs of other roles into the Umbraco community. However, it would be great to have developers there too, to feed in their experience and provide guidance and advice on what's possible.

The intention is to run this virtual meetup (bring your own pizza) on the last Wednesday of every month, with a mixture of the following:

  • Talks or presentations
  • Q&A / challenges / "ask for advice"
  • Virtual workshops to explore specific situations
  • Interviews
  • Others?

Potential outputs could include:

  • UI/UX proposals for Umbraco - wireframes, prototypes, implementation and pull requests; maybe a backoffice UI kit?
  • Blog posts - follow-up articles about topics covered; slide decks, links to resources/tools etc.
  • Others?

If you're already an "Umbracian", but you also work alongside people in other roles who might also be interested, might benefit from this, or who you think might have valuable insights that might help others, then send this on.

This month's meetup

Agenda * Stages of engagement with non-developer roles * A look ahead to the non-dev talks at Codegarden * A discussion about "Dream Corner" * A look at some of the UI/UX/Accessibility tickets on Github

To join this month's meetup, use this link:

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Session #2, 27th March 2019




  • Umbraco Practitioners

    A virtual meetup for anyone involved in the conception, creation or delivery of an Umbraco project; strategy, UX/UI design, marketing, content, PM & FE/BE devs.

  • Mike Taylor

    Digital director of design agency, @flagcomm. HCID MSc. Dad of three boys. Badminton player. Improving snowboarder. Views expressed are mine.

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