Upside Down Church, 2018 The Upside Down Church a 1/20 (7' tall) scale replica of a 19th century Midwest style church, pulled, upside down by 1/3 (2' tall) scale figures of the Artist Sam Shear. The installation is a physical representation of a personal, visceral experience I had during my Grandmother’s funeral service. The piece is a depiction of the stress and weight put on individuals caused by religious viewpoints, greed, power, stature or political stance. Through scale and perception with an American pastoral landscape backdrop, the Upside Down Church conjures thoughts of decay, wear, commitment and contribution.  The construction of four walls, a roof and a steeple represents the purpose of bringing the community together under a spiritual advisor. Churches are places where people come together and form community bonds. They are a spiritual home, a place of communion and divine intervention. This makes abandoned and forsaken churches all the more gloomy and unnatural.  Even in its’ dilapidated state, the Upside Down Church casts a strong and overpowering shadow in the presence of the 1/3 scale figures. Whos struggle is captured in their stance as they pull the weight of the church across the picturesque landscape of Virginia City, NV. The deep trench or rift that trails the church is a metaphor for life and as described in the aforementioned defects. The trench is the accumulation of the impact on the individuals around us.  Upside Down Church, 2018 Extensions In addition to the Upside Down Church, 2018 installation, a 20 minute homily by Father Anton of St. Mary’s in the Mountains will coincide with a 1 hour Gospel Hour w/ Jenni & Jesse of DWC, titled “An Acoustic Gospel Hour w/ Jenni & Jesse of Dead Winter Carpenters” during the Opening. The installation will remain for three weeks at the “Marshall Tailings” site. The Upside Down Church, 2018 will then be moved to Sagehen Creek Field Station in Truckee, CA. as the permanent installation site.

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