First impressions: How to improve UX through front-end

It is said that the first 30 seconds matter in making your user stay or leave - what happens if it takes them 1 minute to actually "see" your product; what then?

At this month's meetup, we'll be exploring practical techniques you can deploy to improve the user experience of new & existing apps - web & mobile.

About usable

usable is an informal community consisting of people interested in User Experience (UX) design and users. We talk about UX and things related to it: interaction design, visual design, user research, sketching and prototyping. We also discuss the role of UX in the development process, marketing, business, everyday life. We share our experience, we present our actual projects, we analyze trends and more.


  • Snpcht: udezekene

    I smack pixels around to create digital products that solves problems. UX Lead @Cc_Hub • @usable_ Organizer • Pretend Chef • Wanderer • Human • IG/SC: udezekene


  • Co-creation Hub

    Open living lab for entrepreneurs, investors, tech companies and hackers in and around Lagos. A cushy nest and co-working space for social tech ventures.


  • re:learn by CcHUB

    re:learn is an open living lab focused on learning and the smart application of technology in schools.

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