VC Community & Talent Roundtable - Sept. 2014

location Le Mercury | 8 PM Thursday 18 September (BST)

Share a meal with talent/community builders in London VC + tech

VC Community & Talent Roundtable brings together the badass talent + community builders of VC firms and accelerators in London / Dublin / the EU. We’ll be eschewing cap tables for a dinner table - lets break bread, hang out, and share our stories!

Why are we doing this?

Regardless of position, we all share similar stakeholders (investors, companies, employees) and visions (of a stronger, more connected community of talented, diverse individuals). Lets chat about that + learn best practices from one another - over a delicious dinner at Le Mercury, no less!

Who's invited?

A curated group of talent- and community-building individuals across the EU working at venture firms, accelerators, etc. - essentially, anyone interfacing with investors + a portfolio of companies + individual employees.

Is this a regular event?

Maybe! Kim and Melissa are organizing this inaugural VC Community & Talent Roundtable - if this is a success, it may become a repeat event!

Other details?

VC Community & Talent Roundtable is pay-your-own-way, because it’s not about the companies that we represent, but the community that we serve. For an idea of Le Mercury’s menu, check it out here.



Le Mercury

140a Upper St, London, United Kingdom

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