VC Community & Talent Roundtable - Sept. 2014

location Le Mercury | 8 PM Thursday 18 September (BST)

Share a meal with talent/community builders in London VC + tech

VC Community & Talent Roundtable brings together the badass talent + community builders of VC firms and accelerators in London / Dublin / the EU. We'll be eschewing cap tables for a dinner table - lets break bread, hang out, and share our stories!

<b>Why are we doing this?</b> Regardless of position, we all share similar stakeholders (investors, companies, employees) and visions (of a stronger, more connected community of talented, diverse individuals). Lets chat about that + learn best practices from one another - over a delicious dinner at <a href="" target="blank"> Le Mercury</a>, no less!

<b>Who's invited?</b> A curated group of talent- and community-building individuals across the EU working at venture firms, accelerators, etc. - essentially, anyone interfacing with investors + a portfolio of companies + individual employees.

<b>Is this a regular event?</b> Maybe! <a href="" target="blank">Kim</a> and <a href="" target="blank">Melissa</a> are organizing this inaugural VC Community & Talent Roundtable - if this is a success, it may become a repeat event!

<b>Other details?</b> VC Community & Talent Roundtable is pay-your-own-way, because it's not about the companies that we represent, but the community that we serve. For an idea of Le Mercury's menu, check it out <a href="" target="blank">here</a>.



Le Mercury

140a Upper St, London, United Kingdom

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