Westminster agile meetup #4

location St James's Park | 12:30 PM-1:30 PM Wednesday 20 June 2018 (BST)

Let’s have lunch in St James’ Park & chat about all things agile! ☀️ 🌿🍱🍿 🗣

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See logo for location and watch out for the pink flamingo!

See you there! :)

June talks


Owen Vaciannia (Delivery Manager @ GDS)

Digital Inclusion

Amy Everett (User Researcher @ Home Office)

Amy leads on assisted digital research in the Home Office. She will talk about how research done with UK Visas and Immigration applicants led to the department providing a national assisted digital support network.

Estimating complexity

Steve Limmer (Delivery Manager @ Ministry of Justice)

Story points are much maligned, as they have been abused by management since the day and hour someone thought about abstracting away from time worked on tasks, but still insisted on using numbers. However, if this metric is kept intact by the team, for the team, and can still be pretty useful. Using the Cynefin complexity framework can help with this, and Steve will discuss how…

Future meetups

Want to speak about anything agile related (what you’re working on, present a game or workshop format you used and enjoyed, practice a pitch for a conference talk, etc)? Let me know on twitter (@techforevil) or by emailing zuz.kopecka@digital.homeoffice.gov.uk!


photo by Cristian Bortes

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