#WhatisResearchOps workshop: Manchester

What is ResearchOps?

ResearchOps is a nascent and fast-growing field. The ResearchOps Community on Slack is now 700+ strong and growing. Since its creation the Slack has become a place for people from all walks of research and design life to exchange ideas, know-how, and, yes, frustrations, about the running of research teams and projects.

One of the most popular topics of conversation has centered around exploring what we mean by ‘ResearchOps’: what does it mean to operationalise research?

The ResearchOps Community is running a series of global workshops to:

  • create spaces in which we can explore what we mean when we say ‘ResearchOps’
  • share knowledge and stories about how we’re doing research today
  • give members an opportunity to express what we need and want from our community
  • last but not least, create spaces for us to meet one another in-

Rough Agenda

6pm - Hello, welcome. Introductions.

6:30pm - Explore ResearchOps and share stories (we’ll take breaks).

8:30pm - Close up, take some actions.

9pm - Farewell, see you soon. Or, let's head for a drink.

The questions we’ll explore…

  • What research operational challenges have you experienced?
  • What are your operational successes, if any?
  • Where do you see opportunities to improve research operations in your organisation?
  • What do you think ResearchOps includes?
  • What should our Community do for its members?

If there are any other questions you’d like to explore, let us know and we’ll make time for them.

Many thanks to Equal Experts for providing us with a space.

We'll be getting together under the ResearchOps Community guidelines.


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