Work In Progress #17

location Runway East | 6 PM-9 PM Monday 26 January 2015 (GMT)

Feedback when you're right in the middle of making something

Makeshift and Seedcamp are teaming up for an evening of feedback.

We've run several Work In Progress events over the last couple of years, and found it valuable for both those giving feedback and taking it.

The format is simple – three to four people presenting work that they are currently in the middle of. No pitches, no decks. Demonstrating where they are with their project and asking questions of a small audience around something that they're finding problematic, challenging or interesting.

The audience asks questions, offers insights, and we have a healthy discussion where the rule is that nobody shares the content of the discussion online or outside the room without an okay from the person presenting.

Come along!


  • Makeshift

    We heard you liked startups so we started a startup studio to build startups for startups.

  • seedcamp

    Accelerating startups from prototype to IPO with up to $250K in initial funding. Backing the most ambitious founders globally. Team: @rsohoni @cee @kirst



Runway East

9th Floor, 207 Old Street, London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom

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