Workshop: Product Market Drift

location Kindred Capital | 8:30 AM-10 AM Tuesday 11 June 2019 (BST)

Join us! The next product workshop for Kindred portfolio companies will be held at Kindred on June 11th. Come along to discuss 'Product Market Drift' with Dave Wascha.

Many companies believe that finding product market fit is their main goal and once they've achieved it success is inevitable. Stories of "epic pivots" in search of product market fit have become the folklore of our time. However product market fit is the easy part and it is only the beginning. Once a company achieves product market fit it must contend with the powerful and insidious force of product market drift. With companies like Amazon, Google and Apple spending billions of dollars a year in advancing how they serve customers and establishing what customers expect from technology services and barriers for new entrants coming down at an ever increasing pace our customers expectations and tastes are constantly shifting and evolving at a rate that companies even five years ago have never had to contend with. The only way to remain competitive, or even viable is to create a company and culture that deeply understands customers and rapidly responds their evolving needs. In this talk Dave will discuss the driving forces behind product market drift and how companies can start to build systems to combat it.

Dave is a product adviser for Kindred's portfolio. He is the CPO at Photobox, previously Global Director of Digital Products at Travelex and CPO at


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