Wycombe Web Scene

location The Bootlegger | 8 AM-12 PM Thursday 30 January 2014 (BST)

First WWS of 2014

Kicking off Wycombe Web Scene for the first time in 2014, and hoping to chat to you guys about what'd be cool to do in the coming year. Shall we keep it the same (chats in pubs), or shall we go for something with a couple of speakers (like Geek Night or Breaking Borders)? Looking to make this what you all want! Feel free to wait till the night to talk to me about it, or leave your suggestions in the comments

Wycombe Web Scene is an opportunity for designers, developers and other web folk in the High Wycombe area to meet others over a few drinks, whether it be alcoholic or non. We meet in The Bootlegger in Wycombe, which has a BYO food policy, so you can bring something to eat, and has a nice selection of beers, wines and soft drinks.

If you have any suggestions for making out meetup better, then feel free to drop either @WycombeWebScene or @lurkmoophy a line on Twitter.

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