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location 208 W Washington St | September 11, 7-9pm

Rachel's list

Not every month needs a theme, but this month's theme is Rachel picked a list. Maybe that's not a theme? Doesn't matter, it's definitely a list of podcasts to listen to and get together and talk about. I'm hosting it at my place, #710 at the address above.

The full list is below, but as always, you can get all of this into your podcast app with our podcastfeed:

Memory Palace#49 - Dreamland – 6 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

The Organist#44 - Contact Milk – 20 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3) (sound cloud)

Here Be Monsters#63 - Art of the Scam – 21 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Revisionist HistoryMcDonalds Broke My Heart – 37 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Sweet & Sour#7 - The Origins of the Model Minority Myth – 53 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

A Piece of Work#5 - Minimalism to the Max – 19 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

RadioLabBlack Box – 68 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)


208 W Washington St

208 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

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