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To celebrate my birthday with friends I love, I'm planning a re-enactment of my performance 'Sell your morning walk' from 2005.

Seoul, 2005

“Imagine selling your morning walk on an online market. Foreign visitors may take advantage of the locals' accumulate knowledge and memory about the city. They can experience what it's like to live in Seoul”

This project is based on a futuristic imagination when every place is mapped and everything and everyone is tagged. Then, non-material act such as morning walk can be exchanged with a market value. Thus the website is a place to buy or sell information about the walks. (Website is now defunct, but more info here)

Oklahoma City, 2007

At the time, I was inspired by the concept of drift by Situationists International, as well as the growing e-commerce industry and its culture. I put two unlikely things together. The Situationists were critical of capitalist degradation and alienation of life, and online stores are the embodiment of consumption via 'spectacles.' I was interested in having conversations from a space of contradictions. I led a guided tour of my morning walk paths, tried to sell my walk to the participants. A few bought my walk and others sold theirs through the website. This was before smartphones and Airbnb. I think it'd be interesting to revisit the project and think about our morning walks, 14 years from now.

Please meet me and others on 8/3/2019 at 4 PM at Prospect Park Concert Grove Pavilion. We will walk through my favorite walking path. Please bring your smartphone/mp3 player (respect for those who maintained their devices!) and a set of earphones. We will walk for 90 minutes and find a spot to picnic close to the sunset. Bring water and snacks.

Meet at Prospect Park Concert Grove Pavilion, 153 East Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA at 4 PM. We will walk around the ravine and picnic around the boathouse from 5:30 PM.

Will happen rain or shine.

Listen to a special mix by Kyle McDonald.


153 East Dr

153 East Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA

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